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    News of recent mill work and events    

The sun sets over the mill pond for the last open day of 2022




Following on from their previous Sherlock Holmes mysteries - "The Hound of the Baskervilles" and "The Case of Jeckyll and Hyde" - Rain or Shine Theatre invited you to enjoy an evening of adventure, mishaps, tomfoolery and lashings of comedy on 3rd December in the VIllage Hall!

And wasn't it just! To a full house, the cast gave the performance of their lives. Many of the people in the audience had aching jaws and ribs after laughing so much, and said "it was the best show yet" from the Rain or Shine theatre company.

They'll be back with us again next Summer with a 'picnic in the park' performance at the Cricket Club.

Watch this space for more news of a not-to-be-missed show, where you can picnic and laugh at the same time!


to everyone who came to see our performances

this year.

 As we mentioned at the end of the plays, this year has been particularly difficult for us due to the rise in fuel costs and also the cost of living crisis. However, we just wanted to let you all know that because of you supporting live theatre plus your amazing kindness with your donations both during Covid when we were closed and also after many of our performances this year we have managed to offset the show's expenses and were able to pay our actors a decent profit-share for their year of hard work.


Your donations make all the difference

and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!


If you missed out on seeing us this last year or didn't manage to donate and would like to, please follow the link below, as we are a profit-share company and receive no funding from government or arts organisations at all so every little helps to keep us running.

If you can, please ‘spare a fiver’ by clicking the link above to PayPal and show your continuing support for us.


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