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We want to go UP in the world!


The volunteers have a need for a scaffold tower.  If any supporter, or someone you know, has a tower they no longer need and would consider donating it to the Mill, please contact

Michael Thomas on 0780 300 2645.

Thank you.


You learn best when doing something that is fun to do!

We reopened for school visits in February 2022 and since then have welcomed over 200 children back to the Mill. Details of available activities for school visits are available on our website at, but we can also tailor activities to suit a class’s needs or current topic.

Please email for further information and to book a school visit. 


Remember this photo from the last newsletter?

It prompted Jane to respond -

"Dear Mill Team,

Thanks for the Newsletter, I'm glad to hear how well things are going after the 2 bad years of the pandemic. But the mangle? Life over 100 years ago?  We had a mangle when I was a child, and that was only in the 1960s!  It didn't have any guard on the gearing, either.  You were told to keep your fingers out of the gears and away from the rollers when you were wringing the clothes or they'd get chopped off - and you jolly well did, or they were!  It also paid you to watch where the clothes were going as they went through the rollers, or they rubbed themselves against the grease on the gears, or fell on the floor and had to be washed again.  And then heaven help you, for nobody else would.
All the best,

Sorry, Jane, it's not a clothes mangle! What goes between the rollers might be as stiff as washed clothes frozen on the line in winter. On your next visit, ask the tour guide what it was used for - you'll be surprised!

We have had a busy Summer Term at Bunbury Mill, welcoming schools from around Cheshire and beyond. All pupils have enjoyed a trip around our historic working watermill, as well as taking part in other activities including bread making, rag-rugging and making their own waterwheels. We also used our outdoor area to hunt for bugs and discover which creatures live in our pond (above). Much fun was had by all. A huge thank you to the visiting schools, and also to the enthusiastic volunteers who give up their free time to make these day visits so exciting and enjoyable for the children. We look forward to more visits in the Autumn Term.



They're back!

On 3rd December at the Village Hall at 7:30 pm

Sherlock Holmes and the Music Hall Mystery

When Sherlock Holmes and his trusty assistant Doctor Watson are asked for help by a music hall performer in distress, the pair spring into action to foil a deeply dastardly plot of national importance which rocks London to the core!


Following on from their previous Sherlock Holmes mysteries - "The Hound of the Baskervilles" and "The Case of Jeckyll and Hyde" - Rain or Shine Theatre invite you to enjoy an evening of adventure, mishaps, tomfoolery and lashings of comedy!


Booking early to reserve tickets is highly recommended! Book your tickets directly with the company at their website, you'll see full details of the production and booking conditions at

Will your family be the first

in your town or village?

Since our tentative opening at the end of March for the season, we have welcomed nearly 600 visitors on the Sundays we have opened. (We didn't open on the Jubilee Sunday so that our volunteers could enjoy their own celebrations!) Following its forced two years of not being used, the well-maintained machinery in the mill building was easily coaxed into turning the millstones, ready to produce wholemeal flour and enable our machinery (and the tour guides!) to inform and educate (and sometimes amuse!) our visitors.
Many of our visiting families have come from far and wide - some from Dubai! Do you know someone who has been to the mill this year? If you pay us a visit, you might stake your claim to be the first from your area - a note in the visitors' book at the reception desk will show other people that you've been to see us!
Do come along and take a mill tour - you'll be made very welcome - and, of course, a cuppa and a slice of cake are available in the cafe.

See you soon?