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 School Visits to Bunbury Mill 

Bunbury Mill is a superb venue for educational visits by scholars of all ages - ranging from primary schools to college students and engineering apprentices.


In particular, we have a strong programme of visits by primary school classes.  Our team of volunteers includes experienced primary school teachers, and is dedicated to the use of our historic heritage as a basis for exciting curriculum-related education.

Let's look over there.
This machine is a "winnower"

School visits to Bunbury Mill are individually tailored to the specific needs of the age group, and the curriculum topics required by the school teachers.  A welcome and safety talk in the visitor centre is accompanied by light refreshments for both pupils and adults.  The class then splits typically into three groups which rotate around the chosen activities throughout the day.  There is usually a lunch break after the first two activities, with an opportunity for the pupils to let off steam in the grounds, and to study (and feed) our resident population of mallard and moorhens.

The mill tour is an essential part of all visits - pupils become ‘millers apprentices’, and assist in the operation of the historic machinery converting wheat to flour.  They experience the solidity of Victorian engineering, and the need for safe working procedures in the industrial environment.  The Visitor Centre is well equipped for a wide range of related classroom activities, such as bread making, creative arts and modelling work.  The mill is set in beautiful rural surroundings offering opportunities for a variety of nature and environmental studies, including our new "Bug Hotel".

Ducks "up-ending"

More details of our schools packages are available in our "Schools Information Pack" and "Visit Risk Assessment" 

which can be printed and/or downloaded as a .pdf file.


 Teachers are invited to contact us to discuss a possible visit and plan a programme to meet their requirements.


Please contact by email

Bug Hotel
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