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Bunbury Church

St Boniface's Church stands prominently in the village of Bunbury a short distance from the mill.  Records show the existence of a wooden Anglo-Saxon church here in 755AD, and a Norman stone church in 1135.  The present Grade I listed building dates from around 1320, and contains many fascinating features, including the Ridley chapel, the tombs of Sir Hugh Calveley and Sir George Beeston. 


Staircase Locks


Situated on the Shropshire Union Canal, a mile to the north of the village of Bunbury are two wide-beamed staircase locks. Brightly coloured narrow boats can often be seen navigating through this difficult double feature, which boasts a picturesque and timeless location in the historic rolling hills of the Cheshire countryside. 


Beeston Castle


A couple of miles to the west from the mill, this 'Castle of the Rock' is famous for its spectacular views, which take in no less than eight counties on a clear day. From its lookout point at the top of a mighty crag, you can see from the Pennines all the way to the Welsh mountains.

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