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  Art and Craft workshops at the Mill  

In December 2016, a new series of workshops was initiated at the mill by a group of Arty and Crafty people, who met to exchange ideas and work on their own individual pieces. Some sessions were formal tutorials with brought-in experts on specific craft techniques, such as willow weaving, paper dying, flower making and "Brusho" art.

The group met on the first Tuesday of every month, but with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic the group was disbanded. With the possibility of now re-forming the group, do you believe you could help to 

re-establish an art and craft group in our very suitable venue, with good facilities and great inspirational views!

If you are interested, please contact us at


If re-established, the days can be 'free-style'  - bring your own project and share your ideas with the others. The crafts can range widely, including water colour and acrylic paintings, paper dyeing, mixed media and stitch work.  The sharing of work space, thoughts and ideas as the day progresses is stimulating, and the friendly get-together can result in lots of enthusiastic ideas for continuing such gatherings.

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