Help us to keep the mill alive for future generations

The Bunbury Watermill Trust is committed to preserving our historic village heritage in full working order as a resource for future generations.   Everyone who works at the mill is a volunteer and gives their time without charge, but substantial funding is still needed just to cover routine costs - electricity, insurance, and materials and equipment for day-to-day maintenance of the buildings, the grounds, and the machinery.



Inevitably, major repair work becomes necessary from time to time, and here we are reliant on obtaining grants from outside bodies. 


 (e.g. fencing and paving, repointing the building, mending rotten floor joists, and repairs to the 175-year old machinery).

Here's how you can help us to raise the necessary funds:


Visit the mill - everyone who pays for the guided tour (£4.00) is contributing to the running costs.  Sales of Bunbury Mill flour and mill-related items also provide a modest revenue.


The Friends of Bunbury Mill scheme has been discontinued, but you can sponsor a bucket on the water wheel for a minimum donation of £30.00), you can sponsor a bucket on our water wheel, have your name displayed in the buildings and make a statement on this web site.  You can add gift aid at no cost to yourself.


To make us a donation - contact