The ten-ton water wheel powers Bunbury Watermill and has 36 “buckets”.  The “buckets” fill with water in turn, and cause the wheel to rotate. Each “bucket” needs a sponsor which will help pay for the Mill’s annual insurance – can you assist? 


The minimum donation is £30.00 per year, and a list of Sponsors is displayed on the wall of the Mill, in the Visitor Centre, and (if you wish) on our web site.


A Sponsor can be on behalf of an organisation/business or an individual or family.  If a family wishes to sponsor a ‘bucket’ they may like to have the name(s) of perhaps a child/children or grandchild/grandchildren, or a deceased relative, displayed on the roll of Sponsors.


The family of a Sponsor (up to two adults and two children under the age of 16 years) will be entitled to free guided access to the Mill when open to the public for a period of one year.

Painted by a pupil aged 8yrs of Bunbury Aldersey Primary School